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Lisa Genthner Nantucket


A Note From the Artist:

Hi there! I’m Lisa Genthner, the founder of Nantucket Cane & Clay and the maker of everything you'll find here. I grew up 30 miles out to sea on the small island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, where I began taking ceramics classes at the age of ten and learned to weave my first Nantucket Lightship Basket when I was eleven.

Back then, I didn’t have to go far to see the gorgeous glimmer of evening light reflecting off the ocean or hear the gentle rustle of beach grass in the breeze. While earning my B.A. in neuroscience from Dartmouth College, it was sailing (fun fact: I’m a Coast Guard licensed captain) and ceramics that kept me connected to the island I will always call home.

While I'm now based in Boston, it still brings me great happiness to create a mug reminiscent of days spent on the water, a bowl that feels bathed in sea spray, or a Nantucket Lightship basket steeped in island tradition. 

I hope my pieces help you bring memories of your favorite coastline with you wherever you roam!

Fair Winds,

Lisa Genthner

Founder & Maker

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Photography: Tucker Finerty

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